The Otaku Test

If you can change anime to manga and the line becomes true, it still counts.
An answer 'yes' to any statement counts as one point.


You know what otaku, anime, and manga means.
You won't admit you're watching Japanese cartoons. It's Anime!
If you do NOT think all anime is porn.
If you feel anime is superior to any cartoon made in any other country.
If you believe editing anime to put on television is a terrible idea.
But not as bad an idea as not having it on television at all.
If you've watched anime for 10 hours straight.
And watched more the next day.
If you can't go for a week without watching anime.
If you spend over 8 hours a week doing something related to anime.
If you played an anime drinking game.
If you went to Japan to get anime.
Went to an anime convention.
More than a state or over 5 hours travel time to get there.
If you belong to an anime club.
And attend nearly all of its meetings.
Belong to multiple anime clubs.
Belong to an anime club that has its normal meetings over an hour away.
If you started an anime club.
If you've argued over an anime story.
If you've argued whether sub or dub is better.
You know more Japanese words than the language course you took a class in during High School.
If you have taken a Japanese course to better understand anime.
If you are fluent in Japanese.
If you've made anime related jokes.
And someone laughed at it. (Not you.)
If you understood someone else's anime related joke.
If you can sing a theme song in Japanese.
If you memorized the dialogue of an anime tape.
In Japanese.
Can discern a character's voice artist.
Can approximate the date when an anime tape was made.
You draw in an anime style. (Large eyes, strange hair styles)
Can identify an anime character by their hairstyle.
Can predict how an anime character would react.
If you understood Akira or Darkside Blues without anyone trying to explain it to you.
If you've eaten with chopsticks.
Your normally asleep when its night time in Japan.
If you've dream about anime.
If you've dreamed you were an anime character.
If you want to have anime related music played at your wedding.
You've used an anime character's trademarked line in public.
In Japanese.
If you've dressed as an anime character.
Of the opposite sex.
React to things like an anime character.
Answer to an anime character's name.


If you played an anime related video game.
If you have over 1 Meg of anime related material saved on your computer.
Over 10 Meg.
Over 100 Meg.
If you searched the web for anime information.
On parts of a series not yet released where you live.
If you have an anime web page.
If you are part of an anime mailing list or check an anime newsgroup.
If you logged on to an anime related IRC.
If your computer has an anime related desktop theme.
If your user id is anime related.

Fan Works

Written fan-fiction.
Drawn fan-pictures.
Involved in making a fan-parody.
Involved in making a fan-sub.
Involved in making an anime music video.
Participate in making a television program about anime.
Worked on an anime magazine.
Worked on dozens of fan-works.
Voted best fan-work.
Received a favorable comment from someone involved in making the anime you did a fan-work for.


Own an anime tape.
Own more anime tapes than the average video rental store. (20+ tapes.)
Are you sure you don't distribute anime? (100+ anime tapes.)
Own an entire anime series consisting of at least 8 tapes.
Collect manga.
In original Japanese.
Own an original anime cel.
Collect anime related trading cards.
Own a Japanese music CD.
Own models, dolls, and/or plushies of anime characters.
Own a large anime poster.
Own a wall scroll.
Have at least five anime posters and/or wall scrolls hanging on your wall.
What color is my wall? (Your wall is covered with anime posters and wall scrolls.)
Own imported Japanese games.
Own a Japanese video game system just to play some of those games.
Own any other anime merchandise not covered above.
Import items direct from Japan.
If you've spent over a thousand dollars on anime and related items.
If you've spent over a hundred dollars on anime related items. (Not counting videos.)
If you spent over a hundred dollars on anime and related items in one day.


For each of the following Japanese words that you know the English meaning(s) of is half a point. (Max 10 points.)



0 - 9: Do you even know what anime means?
10 - 19: Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon is not the extent of anime.
20 - 29: Go out and rent some anime NOW!
30 - 39: You relay on your friends for anime.
40 - 49: Otaku in training.
50 - 59: Congratulations! You are an Otaku.
60 - 69: Your mother is worried about you.
70 - 79: There is more to life than anime.*
80 - 89: You should move to Japan.
90 - 99: You need medical help.
100:   You are the Otaku-King!

How did I score? None of your business*

-Borrowed from Rodney Caston's page Fansubs.net. Oh forgive me your lordship!-

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