Bubblegum Crisis OAV

Genre: Science Fiction / Action / Cyberpunk


I watched the 8 episode OAV in English in February of 1998 (and a few times since then).  BGC is one of the original anime CyberPunk classics, and is clearly inspired by (and has several direct references to) Blade Runner and other western Sci-Fi classics.

The story revolves around the Knight Sabers, a mercenary group consisting of four very different women who have organized to resist the influence of the huge Genom corp. in a way that the AD (advanced) Police and world governments can't. Genom's primary weapon in their quest for world domination is the 'Boomer' a new type of humanoid android that the world has come to depend on for everything from slave labor to combat service (combat boomers are nasty). The Knight Sabers employ special 'Hard Suits' that they wear in combat. The hard suits are specially designed and optimized for each individual Knight Saber to take advantage of that individual's specific skills and abilities, and give each Knight Saber superior combat abilities. In addition, the Knight Sabers have an array of weapons and special equipment that they can call upon to get the job done, whatever it may be.

BGC is a great anime series, and makes a great series to start out with for the new comer. The characters are well developed, and there is plenty of intrigue and plot twists (the plot gets pretty complex at times). Don't expect a grand ending though with all questions answered and mysteries revealed, the 8 episodes are loosely related (some had different directors), and provide more of a window into life in Mega Tokyo in the year 2032, instead of a consistent story line. Don't let this dissuade you though, BGC is just great anime, and is a must see for every serious anime fan.

Personally, my favorite episode is #5, Moonlight Rambler. My favorite Knight Saber is, well, don't worry about it (I never admit this). My favorite character is Sylvie, who only appeared in one episode. Many of my BGC fan friends think that my choice of Sylvie is a little odd, but then again, my favorite character in Blade Runner was Rachel.....see any similarities?

Quick Episode Synopsis:

Episode #1, Tinsel City
The disappearance of a mysterious "item" prompts the USSD Space Defense Force to hire the Knight Sabers. But not to find the item, but rather, a technician and a little girl...

Episode #2, Born to Kill
The USSD makes another deal with the Knight Sabers to recover the mysterious "Black Box," but GENOM has other ideas on how to put it to "good" use.

Episode #3, Blow Up
The conflict between the Knight Sabers and the evil Mason comes to a head when a friend of Priss is killed.

Episode #4, Revenge Road
When a mysterious car makes Priss eat pavement, she swears to get even with the driver, but complications ensue.

Episode #5, Moonlight Rambler
A daring escape from an orbiting habitat results in a missing combat mecha going out of control. Can it be stopped before it's deadman switch blows up MegaTokyo?

Episode #6, Red Eyes
Have the Knight Sabers gone bad? Or is someone trying to frame them? It's all part of a plot to take control of GENOM, and thus, rule the world!

Episode #7, Double Vision
A famous singer with a hidden past and a deadly agenda visits MegaTokyo, and the Knight Sabers get the job of protecting her TARGET!

Episode #8, Scoop Chase
The niece of Nene's boss hits town, and wants to get a "scoop" as part of her plan to become a famous journalist. And after the Knight Sabers smash her favorite camera, she decides that exposing their identities will do just fine, thank you!

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