Burn Up

Genre: Action / Comedy


I watched this single  episode OAV in English in July, 1998. This is a great 'sexy big busted cops save the day' series. The animation is very good, along with the dub. Some of the scenes are hilarious, and there is plenty of action. The plot is simple but well developed. Maki, Reimi, and Yuka make quite a team. I fell completely in love with Reimi (I have a thing for brunettes). My only complaint was that it ends rather abruptly (like many other anime series), and leaves you wanting more. Don't forget to watch the credits at the end!


Episode Synopsis:

Burn Up OAV

Maki, Reimi, Yuka. To the unsuspecting eye they may not look like an ace crime fighting team, which might explain why these lovely young ladies have been assigned to the traffic squad instead of something more "exciting". Of course, the fact that they're NOT an ace crime fighting team might have something to do with it as well. That doesn't mean they don't have the ambition, however, so when Maki's boyfriend Kenji and his partner Banba get the assignment of proving that influential businessman Samuel McCoy is actually the head of a white slavery ring, our three heroines decide to launch a private investigation, using their own luscious bodies as bait while they troll for clues among the city's sinister labyrinth of discotheques. Unfortunately, the plan backfires and poor Yuka ends up on the "Market" herself! With the rest of the police department paralyzed by conflicting orders from "higher up", Reimi and Maki launch a two-woman commando raid against the villain's heavily fortified estate in a desperate attempt to rescue their partner. Dressed in skin tight body armor and packing enough firepower to level an entire city, Maki and Reimi are going to insure a hot time on the old town tonight, and the only way the bad guys are going to escape will be to jump out of the pan and into the fire! 

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