Project A-Ko

Genre: Science Fiction / Action  / Comedy


This movie is an anime classic. Basically, it is a parody of many other anime series and themes, and it is hilarious. You haven't seen anime until you've seen Project A-Ko. I watched the English dialog version, and the U.S. Manga dub is absolutely excellent. The animation is also excellent, as this anime was produced as a movie. The pacing, plot, characters, music, humor and action blend perfectly.

This movie is great for the anime newcomer, but even more enjoyable to a seasoned anime veteran. The more anime you've seen, the more you'll enjoy this movie. The visual humor works on many levels, from the obvious slapstick, to the parody of various styles to the subtle and hidden references and in-jokes. One can enjoy this movie on face value as a raucous romp with a serious streak of weirdness, or with an inspecting eye, looking to pick out any concealed gems of mirth. The action sequences are great too, with everything from space battles to street brawls. Project A-Ko is brilliant anime, and is a must see!

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Movie Synopsis:

Project A-Ko

Earth - The not-too-distant future....A city is miraculously reborn just sixteen years after being completely destroyed by a giant meteor. Our story begins in the prestigious Graviton High School for Girls as the teacher, Miss Ayumi, introduces two new students - A-ko and her ditzy sidekick C-ko. A-ko is a lively seventeen-year-old, no different from any other...except that within her diminutive frame lies superhuman strength. The trouble begins when B-ko, the spoiled, brilliant daughter of a business tycoon, decides she wants C-ko for herself. And what B-ko wants, B-ko gets. Unless A-ko is standing in the way. B-ko becomes the irresistible force and A-ko the immovable object as the action explodes across this unsuspecting city. B-ko goes up against the invincible A-ko with her arsenal of powered robot-suits, including the most powerful of all, "Akagiyama 23".

Meanwhile, a monstrous alien spaceship plies its way towards Earth, in search of...? What is the connection between the girls and the alien ship? Who is the mysterious "D"? What is the secret behind A-ko's power? What dark past fuels B-ko's rage? Why is C-ko such a space-case?

Project A-ko is Japanese animation as you've never seen it before.

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