Burn Up W
Genre: Action / Comedy


I watched this 4  episode OAV in English over the weekend of October 10th, 1998.  The artwork and cinematography is very good, but it lacks a little on plot (choppy) and character development. It is very funny though, with lots of action, and follows in the same style of the original Burn Up (which I thought was slightly better). The dub is the AD Vision standard, and it's pretty good. It's a typical 'sexy big busted bimbo cops save the day' series, and would be great for the times when you want to be entertained, but don't want to think too much. Maya is a lady after my own heart. I think my favorite seen is when Rio does her naked bunji jump from the helicopter (isn't that everyone's? ^_^).

Episode Synopsis:

Burn-Up W! File 1 - Skin Dive

High-tech crime is running rampant in Tokyo but special SWAT unit "Warrior" is ready to hit the streets. In FILE 1: SKIN DIVE a group of terrorists take over a luxury hotel and it's up to Special Weapons And Tactics Team Warrior to get the hostages out alive. Of course, the first step in handling terrorists is to lull them into believing that they're the ones in control granting a FEW unreasonable demands, well that's a small price to pay, right? At least that's what Warrior Team member Rio keeps telling herself as she prepares to make the world's highest nude bungee jump. You won't believe the lengths to which the forces of justice will go in BURN UP W - FILE 1: SKIN DIVE! The battle for the streets of Tokyo is about to begin! 

                                          Burn-up W! File 2 - Search for the Virtual Idol

Rio and the rest of the Warrior team are back and they've just met a girl named Maria. In fact, they've met several of them. The presence of the Virtual Drug is beginning to make itself  felt in some strange and interesting ways. There's a surfeit of androids and robots, mayhem and destruction as S.W.A.T. Team Warrior heads back to the streets in BURN UP W! File 2.You won't believe your eyes. 

Burn Up W! File 3 : Policetown Assault (Act 1)

When the mind altering effects of the Virtual Drug cause a police supervisor to go mad, the stage is set for a total invasion of Police Headquarters! Now, Team Warrior faces its greatest challenge ever as our battered heroines try to take back their own building from a seemingly unstoppable force of  terrorists! The blood literally covers the walls as weapons master Maya finally meets her match in one on one combat and Rio must confront her own worst fears in the ultimate showdown. As for Maki, Yuji, Lilica and Nanvel. they're just trying to stay alive! The heat is on and the whole city may just go up in smoke as an explosive orgy of violence and revenge ignites the screen in BURN UP W! FILE 3 - POLICETOWN ASSAULT!!! 

Burn Up W! File 4 : Policetown Assault (Act II)

Under siege! Out of control! Burn Up W File 3 - Policetown Assault only lit the fuse... this is the explosion! As the virtual-drug crazed forces of Cerebus take control of Policetown, only the savaged members of Team Warrior stand between the terrorists and total destruction. Torn by internal disputes, the Warriors must somehow find the means to stop the seemingly unstoppable killing machines that have already massacred a huge portion of the Police corps... or die trying! As Nanvel and Lillica struggle to  unlock both the secrets of the virtual drug and their own hijacked security system, Rio and Maya engage in deadly one on one combat with the most unnaturally-born killers ever created... and Maki discovers that there may be more than one saboteur in the police establishment! It's the helter-skelter climax that will leave the entire world gasping for breath in Burn Up W File 4 - Policetown Assault (Act II)! 

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