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I got my start with Japanese Anime in the late 70's, when I came home from school and eagerly watched Speed Racer (Mach Go Go Go - re-runs of course), and then came Starblazers (Space Battleship Yamato - remember Wild Star??). But I did not officially become an Otaku until Robotech (Macross) aired in 1985. Wow, I was hooked. Later, as Anime started to become widely available in the U.S., and I started to explore the great variety of titles and subject matter, and found a variety of subject matter that far surpassed anything that would ever have imagined. But even with all of this, I always found myself coming home to Macross. It is what I compare all other anime to. I have and still feel that Macross was one of the finest Anime series ever made, and that Macross DYRL, Macross Plus, and Macross II (well...) are fine works that continue in that great tradition, and carry on the Macross message.

My Cel Collection
I collect cels because of my love of Japanese animation. When I started collecting anime cels, I was surprised to find out how expensive good cels from some of the most popular series were. I discovered quickly that collecting is an excellent way to whittle away that retirement fund, so I decided that I was going to try and collect only the very best character cels that I could find. Of course my favorite Anime character is Misa Hayase (a.k.a. Lisa Hayes). I was not surprised to find that Macross cels in general are extremely difficult to find for sale, and Misa cels are even harder to locate. 

But as a collector I am persistent.....and very, very patient.....

The following are a few of the cels currently in my collection. While the cels on this page are not for sale, I am always open to offers or trades, but any transaction would, of course, depend on how much I love that particular cel, and how difficult it was to obtain. -
If you have any Misa Hayase (Lisa Hayes) cels that you want to part with, please let me know!

Unless you have broadband internet access (DSL, Cable, T-1) this page will take 3-4 minutes to load.

Nothing like salon quality shampoo....
Misa is happy that they made it this far.
(From Episode #12)
Hikiru saves Misa after the Zentraedi attack.
(From Episode #27)
Misa wishes she had brought the strap for that camera.
(From Episode #12)
Misa with her hair down.
(From Episode #12)
This is of my favorite Misa cels....look at those eyes!
(From Episode #12)
Misa is wondering why Hikiru & Minmei are missing while Claudia is thinking about pineapple salad. (This is a 2 layer cel)
You know what Roy is thinking about....
Hey Hikiru, is that wall supposed to be coming this way?!
(From Episode #21)
Misa: 'Those Zentraedi  sure are big....'
Hikiru: 'Ah Misa, lets not make comparisons at a time like this'

(DYRL Movie)

Misa's laying out all the goods for Hikiru.
(This is a large theatrical sized cel.)


Misa's very happy here (now that Hikiru didn't run after Minmei), it's the only time she seems to cry....
(This is a large theatrical sized cel.)
After they crash land on earth. Thing's look pretty bad, but she's starting to wonder about Hikiru. He may be the only other human being she ever sees. Would that be so bad?
(This is a large theatrical sized cel.)

After returning from the alien city, Hikiru and Misa decided to spend some time together in the Macross city. Here, they are walking down a flight of stairs into the city.
(This is a large theatrical sized cel.)
Larger image size from this cel.
(Misa's purse is soooo demure!)


Hikiru and Misa blow each other a kiss before embarking to kick Badolza's rear end.
This is a two layer cel, and I adjusted the rear layer forward to make it more clear in the image.

Minmei - doing what she does best.

More Macross TV and Movie Cels


Sharon Apple. Minmei never looked this good! Myune sees Sharon's black box and learns how NOT to fire a sub-machine gun.



More proof that Toria will even come in out of the rain to chew out Lean for something. (From Episode #1) 'I told you, I like walking, not rolling and running ...'
(From Episode #3)


My dream cel of Nataruma!  Ahhhhh!


Tita, from the scene at the end when she's on the deck of the Cha-Cha Maru.


Rabby suits up. It's time to go outside and save the ship.
This truly awesome cel of Rio is one of the coolest cels in my collection. It is a two layer cel with complete background and foreground elements. From OAV Episode #4.
Close-up without the foreground. Entire cel including the background. Now with the foreground added.
Naomi & Ross. Their coats are so cool!
(This was my first cel - I bought it in Texas in 1994)
Armitage herself.
--- -

Ross makes his move.....

Misa from End of Summer (Doukyuusei)
Cel is from the Computer Game version. My 'other' Misa.


Priss in her hard suit, making another door in the "Griffon" from episode 4  'Revenge Road'.

Well, that guy won't be causing me anymore trouble.
(From Episode #5)
Sylvie can drink my blood anytime!
(From Episode #5)
(My wife Jamie collects cels of Nami, these are some of hers.)

Black Iczelion, (Nami Shiina) Kicks Ass! Nami is making sure the 'Voids' are void of life.
Iria has the governor wishing he was somewhere else! Iria really should lighten up once in awhile.
Aio, Yoriko, & Miyuki are hard at work. Natsumi is not a happy camper.
(What's that red thing?.......Her seat belt.)

Notes: All cels pictured here are scanned & displayed at full size, and are not cropped to enhance the cels image size.

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