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List of some of my favorite places to get the Anime that your not supposed to be able to get.

Fan Sub Clubs & Distributors:

Anime Republic
JMD Distribution
Kodacha Anime Club
Mayonaka Anime
Miki's Anime Tape Service
Sachi's Distribution
Verge's Anime List
Venture Anime Club
Yellows Fan Sub Center

(Want Macross DYRL Movie & Flashback 2012 Fansubs. Yellow's is the place!)

As anime fan subbers come and go like the wind, please e-mail me if any of these links have changed, or are no longer valid. Also, please e-mail me if you know of any great fan sub orgs that you've dealt with that should be added to this list!

Note: This index is not an endorsement of any of the listed organizations. I may or may not have personal experience with them, and present this list only as a service to all anime fans.

As for the arguments that are made against fansub organizations in which people believe that they undermine the promotion of anime by legitimate companies in the US? Perhaps. I always think of the Evangelion Movies, had it not been for fan sub organizations, we would have had to wait over 2 years before Manga video finally acquired the rights to the movies. My response is that US & Japanese anime companies had better get off their asses, stop their bickering about money and distribution rights, and get the anime released in the US in a timely manner that affords the US anime fan access to their titles at a fair price. Well, that's what I think, anyway....

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